Frequently asked questions


We offer several payment solutions to our customers to ensure a good ordering experience.

All our payment methods are absolutely secure and your data is encrypted. Only the payment organization knows your data, we never have access to it.

This applies to all payment methods, whether it is payment by credit card, via Amazon Pay, or via PayPal.

Thanks to our Amazon Pay service, you can order and pay without leaving our store by connecting your Amazon account at the time of payment, so you will not need to enter any banking information or address on our site.

Thanks to our secure credit card payment solution, you can pay directly and securely by credit card. Simply fill in your information when you pay for your order.

We propose the express order by PayPal, connect to your PayPal account at the time of validating your order and validate your purchase in one click.


There are 2 delivery classes:

  • Standard : 3 to 5 working days maximum
  • Express : Delivery in 1-2 working days

If for any reason you wish to return your order, you have 30 days after the date of receipt of your package to return the items concerned.


Yes, our products are made with real moso bamboo plants, you can observe and feel the wood fibers by touching our products.

Our computer products are compatible with all devices and require no installation, as long as the device has a simple USB port. You can use them with your computer, Mac, tablet or smart TV, just make sure you have a USB port available.

To install and use our keyboards and mice, follow the instructions for use .


Any purchase on our store benefits from our manufacturer's warranty for 2 years. If you notice malfunctions of your product and believe that it comes from a hardware problem you can contact us to solve the problem and make the warranty work.

If you have caused physical damage to your product, then the manufacturer's warranty does not apply. Don't worry though, we won't let you down, contact us with your problem and we will do our best to help you.


Our natural bamboo appliances are covered with a thin layer of protective varnish. Do not use any chemical products or alcohol. Use a damp cloth and rub gently, bamboo is very easy to clean.

End of life

First of all, good luck! Our devices are made to last, say goodbye to programmed obsolescence! But as nothing lasts forever, we have foreseen this: the products made of bamboo can be dismantled with simple screws, you can then recover real pieces of solid bamboo that you can throw in the yellow garbage can. In case of electronic parts, you can take them to a recycler / specialized waste disposal center.

Even better, some of our products are biodegradable and compostable! Simply bury your biodegradable phone shell in your garden, it will start to degrade within 6 months and disappear within 2 years.

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