Wooden, plastic, biodegradable phone shells... How to choose?

Our smartphone is such a valuable tool that it has become necessary to adequately protect. To do this, there's nothing like fitting it with a suitable phone cover. However, it is important that the case in question offers a sufficient level of protection, otherwise it would be useless. So here's a little buying guide to help you choose the right phone case.

 1. The material

It goes without saying that the main purpose of a phone cover is to protect your device from shocks, scratches, and other external aggressions that could damage it. To do this, it is essential that the hull in question is made of suitable materials. Depending on the material used, the level of protection of the hull will differ.

  • The hard shell

Hard shells are usually made of transparent polycarbonate. They are hard, and give your smartphone a nice design, thanks to its ability to retain inks and decorative paints. On the other hand, these shells are brittle, and offer less protection in case of a drop. While they break, they absorb most of the impact, but some of the force of the impact is still transferred to the smartphone, which can be dangerous.

  • The silicone shell

Silicone is appreciated for its ability to protect your phone from all kinds of shocks. Indeed, thanks to its particular properties, shocks are considerably reducedIn the event of a fall, the shell allows the smartphone to bounce. The shock received is therefore not violent enough to break your device.

Silicone can be found in different colors. iBetter's colorful shells for Huawei P30 Lite are perfect representations of this. This material also has very practical anti-scratch properties, like the silicone shell for OnePlus 7T from Oretech for example.

  • The Bumper shell

The Bumper shell differs from other shells in that it is thicker, especially at the corners. It can be rigid or flexible, depending on the material used. For example, the Bumper Case for iPhone from ESR is made of a metal frame for optimal protection of the corners of the smartphone.

These features allow it to offer excellent protection against drops. However, the protections in question are mainly focused on the corners of your device. So it's not your entire smartphone that is protected.

  • The soft shell

The soft shell is generally the most recommended for daily use. The materials used to obtain this kind of hull are varied. Some are made of polyurethane. This is an ultra-resistant material which has the advantage of being easy to apply, soft to the touch and transparent.

Other famous manufacturers like Rhinoshield use ShockSpread polymer, a material they have developed and which is used in all their hulls. This material offers a great shock protection while remaining flexible.

More natural materials can be used to make soft phone covers. You can find on the market phone covers made ofand biodegradable polymers and bamboo fiber like those of Bamboo Electronics.

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2. Raised edges

These days, you can often find phone shells with raised edges. "What on earth are they good for?" you may ask. Well, you should know that these edges allow to protect the screen of your Smartphone from scratches. One example is the Tigra Sport hulls.

These covers generally offer a beautiful design to your smartphone. On the other hand, we must admit that they do not offer optimal protection in case of a fall. Indeed, its protection is often limited to scratches.

To make this kind of hull more effective, you canz combine it with a bumper shell for example. Thus, in addition to the protections against scratches, your smartphone will also be protected from shocks. But the fact remains that your smartphone will still not be fully protected. Moreover, the fact of combining two shells will double your expenses. The ideal would be to opt for a shell that includes directly raised edges among its other protection technologies.

3. Tempered glass

With today's smartphones, which are almost all touch-sensitive, it has become essential to offer a minimum of protection to our screens. Indeed, simple scratches on our screen could ruin our experience of using the device, given that we have it in hand several times a day. And a screen that is too damaged could simply make our smartphone unusable.

For optimal protection of your screen, it is strongly recommended to opt for atempered glass screen protectorsuch as the JETech brand for example. These protectors can often be delivered in packs of two or three, which is a valuable plus.

However, you should not rush to the brand that offers the largest quantity of protection in its pack. Instead, choose quality over quantity. Likewise, Make sure you buy your tempered glass protection pack from a reliable supplier whose products have a proven track record of quality.

Finally, be careful when placing the tempered glass on your screen. Indeed, the operation requires a certain tact. You must ensure that no dust is left between the screen and the film. Any bubble formation must also be avoided. If you do not feel capable of doing the installation yourself, then entrust this task to a professional. This way you will avoid wasting a glass of your pack for nothing.

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4. The end of life

We have already mentioned the materials used in the manufacture of phone covers. And as you can see, they are quite varied. In addition to evaluating the level of protection they offer, it would also be responsible to consider their lifespan, as well as the impact they will have on nature, once they are no longer able to properly protect your smartphone.

Of course, the shells made from plastic derivatives are the ones that will last the longest, and also take the longest to degrade. While they offer extended protection for your smartphone, once they are no longer usable, they will be thrown away. These hulls would then risk polluting our environment, provided they are recycled.

On the other hand, phone covers made of natural and biodegradable materials are more environmentally friendly. Not only do they offer excellent protection to your smartphone thanks to their high resistance and flexibility, but they are also less polluting when they are thrown away.

Also, did you know that there are phone covers that combine all the features we mentioned above? Indeed, Bamboo Electronics offers you a series of Ultra-efficient phone covers made of eco-friendly materials.

An example of this is the pack bio iPhone Bamboo Electronics with everything you need to protect your precious smartphone. The case is made with biodegradable polymer and bamboo fibers. It benefits from a great resistance as well as an excellent flexibility, what to protect your Smartphone from scratches, shocks and falls.

For the protection of your screen, the shell of the pack bio of Bamboo Electronics has semi-flexible raised edges that completely surround the edges of your smartphone. In this pack, you'll also find a tempered glass protector for full protection of your smartphone. And since the shell is made of biodegradable products certified by the EN13432 standard, it is completely compostable.

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