An ancestral knowledge

At Bamboo Electronics, we place know-how at the heart of the creative process.

We build long-lasting links and real human relationships with our suppliers. It is obvious for us to work with Chinese manufacturers in the use of bamboo, it is a strong desire to highlight their culture and their ancestral know-how.

Appearing on earth 200 million years ago, bamboo has been used in Asia for thousands of years and is an integral part of Chinese history and culture.

From harvesting to the finished product, each step requires human intervention, special know-how, and in-depth knowledge of the plant. That's why our computer line products come from a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in bamboo cultivation and its creative use.

Responsible manufacturing

Bamboo comes from forests of phyllostachys edulis, a species of giant bamboo also called moso bamboo. It is the most suitable species of giant bamboo for cultivation and exploitation, it is used in all kinds of everyday objects. This species of bamboo is so incredible that it is used in some countries to build scaffolding.

The shoots grow so fast (up to 1 meter in 24 hours) that they are only 4 to 6 years old when cut. They will then give way to new shoots that will multiply and grow even faster, which promotes an easy and responsible culture.

Environmental sustainability

Our mission does not forget the planet. Aware that we still have progress to make there, we carry out concrete actions so that our project is part of progress, towards a better and more sustainable world.

Ecological transport of Bamboo Electronics products


An object, for the same distance pollutes 70 times more when traveling by plane and 40 times more when traveling by truck, compared to train or boat. That's why, in order to transport our products, we favor rail and water, the most ecological means of transportation, by far!

Web hosting

The website you are currently viewing is hosted in Switzerland, in datacenters powered 100% by renewable energy.

A biodegradable shell with eco-responsible, reusable and recyclable packaging


We make a special effort to improve our packaging and make it more minimalist but also more eco-responsible. All our cardboard is made from recycled cardboard and some of our packaging is even reusable.

bamboo wood keyboard

The products

Of course it is interesting to design better disposable products, more easily recyclable. But the main thing above all is to offer you products that you will never need or want to throw away.

Emotional sustainability

Sustainability is not just about quality :

What is the consequence of too much novelty? Of changing our objects too often? We are no longer attached to them, we no longer pay attention to them. When your phone was the latest model, you used to take special care of it, then with time seeing its cracked screen doesn't bother you anymore, you don't even use it.

We aim to re-establish that emotional connection with our products, to make them timeless, to be cared for year after year. It's not enough for us to offer you durable products with a material quality that can last through the years, we need you to want to pamper them! <That's our commitment to you.