XL felt desk pad

Felt pad

SOFT & COMFORTABLE Designed to provide maximum comfort, this felt desk pad offers a large and pleasant surface for writing, working and playing!
PROTECT your OFFICE This large desk pad of 90x30cm will protect your desk thanks to its 3mm thickness.
MODERN and CLASSY For home or work, the dark grey felt fits perfectly into your interior, in a style that is both cozy and professional.
MIRROR RUGS Useful as a mouse pad, it offers optimal precision, compatible for gaming.
BUILT TO LAST Made of durable, hard-wearing, washable material. Our desk pads are made to last.



xl felt potholder

No half measures

Protects your office from all kinds of use.

With gentleness & lightness

Felt is a soft, fluffy material that is pleasant to the touch.

felt carpet xl

Dimensions and weight

Length : 90cm

Width : 30cm

Thickness : 3mm

Weight : 200g

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions30 × 9 × 9 cm


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