Protecting and decorating your MacBook: wooden or plastic protection, why and how?

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Any MacBook owner will agree that it's a valuable piece of hardware. Indeed, buying one is a big investment. It's not just its high performance that makes it stand out, but also its sophisticated design and aesthetics. It would be a shame to damage it with scratches and scuffs on its shell! It is therefore essential to protect it properly. 

So we're going to take a look at the different ways to protect your MacBook. We'll look at the different types of cases available on the market, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

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The integral hulls

Full shells are very popular and also recommended, as they offer excellent protection against scratches, bumps and other damage to your precious MacBook. Moreover, the protection offered by a full case is far superior to that offered by a cover. The latter only protects against scratches. The full shell is strong enough to protect your MacBook from shocks.

The advantages

An integral shell is a protective housing that is usually made of plastic or rubber. For example, the hard case for MacBook that we present here as an example is a full plastic hard case from i-Buy. It is made of high quality TPU material capable of withstanding high impact. With an ultra-thin thickness of 0.12 mm, the shell will not damage your screen. 

It also develops a good resistance to a wide range of temperatures. So you can put this case on your MacBook and use it in winter as well as in summer, without fear of any damage. There is no risk of the case being deformed due to high temperatures. 

A full shell does not usually have a pattern on its surface. This is because the hard plastic it is made of is completely transparent. This allows the original color of your Mac to shine through, which is already a great design. 

If you're looking for aesthetics, and want to give your MacBook a completely different look, then you might want to consider skins or covers. However, keep in mind that skins don't protect your MacBook from bumps and drops, unlike a hard shell.                   

The i-Buy case is equipped with a highly transparent film. This not only protects the keys, but also allows the backlighting of the keys to shine through clearly. 

But a full shell can also be made of rubber, not hard plastic. Rubber shells are also an option to consider, as they offer better shock absorption. For example, if your MacBook accidentally falls down the stairs, the shell will protect the surface, edges, and interior of your device. 

It's true that today's MacBooks have fewer shock-sensitive components (stronger DVD drives and hard drives). But optimal protection is always welcome for such a valuable and expensive device!

A hard shell has the advantage of being able to be attached quickly and easily. On the other hand, removing it may be a little more difficult. But this is usually a sign of quality and safety. Indeed, you do not want your shell to come off at the slightest manipulation or the slightest shock. 

In terms of price, a full shell generally costs between 20€ and 100€. This wide variation is mainly due to the material used, the level of protection the case offers, and the design. If you're looking for the best possible protection for your device, then you'll probably have to go for a slightly higher price. But it's a worthwhile investment, considering the price of a MacBook!

The disadvantages

You should also consider that some cases can overheat your MacBook. Indeed, this type of case is composed of two parts: one part for the top, and one part for the bottom. The bottom part is very useful, because it protects your MacBook from scratches when you move it on your table. 

However, it's important to remember that the CPU of your MacBook is located at the bottom, and it needs ventilation, especially when it gets hot. This ventilation takes place at the bottom, and if you cover your device with a case that doesn't have ventilation holes, then your MacBook may get hot. 

That's why it's essential to choose a full shell model with ventilation windows that fit your device.

cover macbook wood
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Covers (adhesives)

Do you have a preference for adhesive covers? Well, you'll be spoilt for choice with the many offers on the market. 

The advantages

There are many advantages to this type of MacBook cover. First of all, these cases allow you to give your device a completely different look, thanks to the different patterns or textures they feature. 

For example, you can equip your MacBook with a bamboo coverlike the model from Bamboo electronics. This case is made of a thin sheet of natural bamboo. It will give your MacBook a brand new look, combining lightness, softness and nature spirit. Moreover, the high resistance of bamboo will protect your MacBook perfectly from scratches.

For a wooden cover, you will probably find your happiness on Like Bamboo electronics, the covers that the site offers are inspired by the surrounding nature, they are however at a higher price.

Secondly, in terms of price, a cover generally costs less than a full shell. However, if you're looking for a well-designed model, then you'll need to budget between £20 and £70. Those on the page are for example among the best covers on the market in terms of design. However, you will have to pay the price that goes with it. In any case, in terms of aesthetics, the effect will be guaranteed!

At Bamboo Electronics, the quality-price ratio is always very well controlled and the French customer service is very attentive.

The disadvantages

Since we're talking about a cover, you shouldn't expect optimal protection. In fact, it is only an adhesive that is applied directly to the shell of your MacBook. So, unlike the rigid shells, the cover is not able to offer sufficient protection against shocks or falls. 

The size of the cover must also be chosen with precision. Indeed, it is essential that the size of the adhesive matches exactly the size of your MacBook model. Therefore, the installation of the cover itself must be done with care. If there is a difference of a few millimetres, then you risk getting a bad result. And rectifying this afterwards can be tricky.

Which brings us to the third point: a cover is tricky to put on and take off. This is usually the case with anything that is adhesive. Another thing to avoid is getting your cover wet. Indeed, it could cause it to come off prematurely. But anyway, getting a MacBook wet is generally not a good idea!

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