Bamboo, Minimalism, Feng Shui... The best decoration trends for your home in 2021

Interior design styles appear one year, then disappear. But some may still be in vogue the following year. In any case, a little makeover of your interior is always a pleasure. You're thinking of redecorating your home, especially in this period of confinement where it is important to enjoy a stylish and trendy home.

To feel good at home, to work from home in a transformed environment, there are many good reasons to redecorate your home. Let's discover together the best decoration trends for your home in 2021. Let's do it!

Minimalism in the spotlight

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

In these difficult times when health concerns and confinement are more than topical, what could be more soothing than moments of return to source ? It's high time to realize and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. 

For this purpose, minimalist design is the answer to everything! Designers call it the Japandi spirita subtle contraction of the words Japanese and Scandinavian. It is a style that is both pure and simple in tone through a minimalist decor. 

When faced with a 'need' to buy something, ask yourself if you really need it. Ask yourself if this new purchase will only add more clutter to your home. Will it just clutter your space? It will, There will also be a greater need for space at home, since the boom in telecommuting.

After a more than difficult year in 2020, the desires and needs of decorators have evolved. Recoveries" and nature themes have taken over. This year 2021, Covid has not yet said its last word. This means that interior decorating continues to move towards styles that are more welcoming, more convivial and above all, as comfortable as possible. 

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Technological equipment with a functional design

bamboo induction charger

The rise of the home office has created another need forsetting up a home office. The first order of business is to free up as much space as possible! A minimalist office, a clutter-free work environment, all of these are excellent ways to promote productivity. 

However, with the latest technological inventions, various modern tools and equipment connected to the internet, an army of wires and devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, printers ...) has immediately invaded our home. 

To prevent your "work area" at home from turning into a nameless mess, it's vital to opt for well-designed equipment! For example, we often see the unsightly wires of our smartphone chargers lying around, because they need to be charged continuously. 

However, it is currently possible to opt for a wireless charger. With this wireless charging system, you'll have much less mess. But on top of that, some devices even adopt a design that turns them into real decorative pieces. For example, we have the wireless bamboo charger that will fit perfectly with the decor of your space.

In recent years, natural materials such as bamboo are making a comeback. The teleworking space is in the spotlight, and natural materials are increasingly being used on certain devices. This is how we find Bigboard models, minimouse made from natural materials... and others gadgets and bambou that judiciously decorate your office. 

The nature trend for a breath of fresh air

Photo by you you on Unsplash

For all the people who are not lucky enough to have an outdoor space at home, confinement has not helped. In 2021, one of the best interior design trends is tointegrate nature directly into your home

So invite nature into your home to clear your mind and to stand firm in the face of confinement ! Don't hesitate to buy pretty green plants that will brighten up your home, create a green wall to bring positive energy, add aromatic plants in the kitchen to cook in a different way....  

Besides bamboo, exceptional materials such as rattan and wicker are also transforming interior design. Natural par excellence, chic and elegant, these materials have no equal in creating a ultra-cosy interior design. They have the power to create as many styles of decor as you want, from bohemian kinfolk to Scandinavian. In other words, so many subtle details to bring a touch of unmatched authenticity.  

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Well-judged tones and colors

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

After the stress of 2020, and especially in these anxious times, it is important to have everything rely on serenity and perseverance. To stay optimistic and manage the negative impacts of this pandemic, nothing is more effective than tones and colors that stimulate our vitality. Opt for minimalist colors to help you relax and stay zen in all circumstances. 

For example, think of combining natural colours such as blue and green, and let yourself be surprised by the inner calm it will bring you. Blue would have the real power to calm the mind, to relieve stress. It would even act as a sedative for our brain. As for the shades of green, they provide a feeling of nature and provide a cold light creating a peaceful atmosphere in the room.    

The wallpaper finds its letters of nobility

If wallpaper lost some of its panache a while ago, it has now regained its credentials. Graphic decoration is one of the best trends in interior decoration this year. The most popular pattern in 2021 is the black and white graphic wallpaper. For a stylish interior where the contemporary effect is sought after, or for a decoration of Nordic typeThe black and white wallpaper will be of the most beautiful effect. 

The variety of patterns is vast, from mesmerizing iconic prints to inspired arabesques, there are no limits!

Feng Shui for balance and calm

Photo by T Cud on Unsplash

Zen attitude is in order, and even more so, especially after the confinements and deconfinements that continue to punctuate the world. Adopt an interior design Feng Shui is then an excellent way to optimize the positive energy, but also to balance the yin and the yang. Almost every room in the house will need to be revisited in order to establish this positive energy flow and calm. 

Harmony and unity, which are essential to create a Feng shui atmosphere, are obtained by using round objects in the decoration. For example, you could adopt round coffee tables, round mirrors, round cushions, round accessories... And to maintain energy and serenity in each room, prefer metal or glass elements. Do not hesitate to associate them with materials that give warmth, such as wood or cocooning textiles ... 

Finally, plants are an integral part of the Feng Shui philosophy. They are ideal for create a clean and healthy environment. Choose plant species with round or heart-shaped leaves, such as heart bamboo or Philodenderon...

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