Why choose a mechanical keyboard?

You use your keyboard on a daily basisBut you don't particularly like the typing sensation it gives you. So maybe you should consider switching to a mechanical keyboard. This is because the way this type of keyboard works is radically different from that of conventional membrane keyboards. And this difference can give you a number of advantages.

So, let's take a look at the different reasons why you might want to choose a mechanical keyboard.

Differences between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard

Before looking at the different advantages of the mechanical keyboard, it would be wise to know the differences between membrane and mechanical keyboards. This will help you understand how it works, why it is more expensive, and why it is more pleasant to use.

  • The membrane keyboard

The membrane keyboard has an electronic circuit covered by a flexible membrane consisting of domes. When this membrane is pressed, the dome with a conductive surface comes into contact with the electronic circuit. The current then flows, allowing the signal to be sent to the computer. This is the basic operation of the membrane keyboard, although there are variations with subtle differences.

This technology has several advantages: it uses few parts (since the membrane covers the entire surface of the electronic circuit). The materials used in its design are inexpensive, and the keyboard is easier to assemble. The membrane keyboard is therefore a sustainable and cheap solution. It is for these reasons that this technology is used in the vast majority of keyboards.

The different types of computer keyboards throughout history - Bamboo Electronics
Membrane keyboard
  • The mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard has a completely different operating mode. Here, each key on the keyboard has its own mechanism, and is therefore completely independent. Here, there is no flexible membrane to carry the current. Instead, the key mechanism of the keyboard uses 2 blades separated by a plastic part mounted on a spring. When the key is pressed, the 2 blades come into contact, and pass the current.

As you can see, the mechanism here is much more complex. The mechanical keyboard uses many parts in its design, and the assembly is more delicate. These are the reasons why a mechanical keyboard costs much more than a membrane keyboard.

Mechanism of the Rhizome Duo mechanical keyboard

Optimised responsiveness

Many users prefer to choose a mechanical keyboard because it is more responsive. Because of the way it works, it is not necessary to press the key all the way down to send the signal. In addition, the contact is more direct, compared to a membrane keyboard.

This increased responsiveness may go unnoticed by most users. However, for professional gamers, this represents a significant advantageespecially in competitive games.

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Choose a mechanical keyboard for better typing comfort

Due to the more complex mechanism of the mechanical keyboard, the typing experience of the mechanical keyboard is quite different. A membrane keyboard has a less direct, and arguably softer, typing experience. Wear and tear on the membrane can also change the feel.

The mechanical keyboard differs from its counterpart in the typing sensation It's a more pleasant experience, which is generally considered to be more enjoyable. This is because the feel is less random when a key is pressed, and the feedback is much more direct. A mechanical keyboard can also make typing less tiring, depending on the hardness of the switches.

Possibility to choose between various mechanical switches

With a mechanical keyboard, you can adjust the feel of the keystrokes to your liking. This can be done by changing the mechanical switches. And it turns out that you can find a multitude of them on the market.

Three main types of switches can be distinguished: shelf space, touch and click.

  • Linear" switches offer a smooth, jerk-free feel
  • the 'touch' switches provide useful tactile feedback on the status of the key stroke
  • The "click" switches make a very audible clicking noise when activated.

There are many variations of these three types of switches. Some have harder or softer springs, others offer longer or shorter strokes, etc. Generally, these variants are named by their colour (black, blue, red etc.) and by the name of the brand that designs them (Razer, Roccat, Cherry, Gateron, Omeron, Kailh etc.).

Gateron Switches - All Colors - Backlight LED compatible
Assortment of switches for mechanical keyboard

Everyone can enjoy a typing sensation that they like, just by choosing the right mechanical switches. This is one of the reasons why many users choose a mechanical keyboard.

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A good life span

Finally, there is one last advantage that might make you choose a mechanical keyboard: its lifespan. Indeed, mechanical switches have a lifespan of 50 million hits. This means you can use your keyboard for many years without it weakening.

And what happens once the switches break or die? Well, it's you can simply replace them. Indeed, you can find switches in bulk, and you can then replace them yourself. This will save you from having to buy a whole new keyboard.

Some disadvantages of the mechanical keyboard

You will find many advantages in choosing a mechanical keyboard. However, it would not be fair to say that this type of keyboard is free from defects. As we said earlier, the design of a mechanical keyboard involves a lot of small parts. And assembly is not easy. This then leads to a higher cost of the product, compared to a membrane keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard has a long life, but a good membrane keyboard can last you longer, especially if it is well maintained. It is worth noting that a mechanical keyboard has very little resistance to splashes. It will therefore be necessary to take good care of it if you want it to last you many years.

Who is the mechanical keyboard for?

The keyboard offers a particular feel which has its advantages, but may not be suitable for everyone. In general, gamers will appreciate the feel and performance of a mechanical keyboard.

They can configure and customise this type of keyboard. For example, they can opt for switches that offer different sensations for the directional keys. For gamers, the most important points are performance, robustness and comfort. And the mechanical keyboard is the one that is able to satisfy them on these points.

However, the average user can also choose a mechanical keyboard for everyday use. Let's not forget that one of the main advantages of this type of keyboard is the comfort it is able to provide. For example, A web editor will not only be more comfortable with a mechanical keyboard, but will also be able to benefit from better feedback. This could ultimately make them more efficient in their work.

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